New Group of Conservative Lawyers Plan To Make Joe Biden’s “Presidency” a “Legal Hell”

New Group of Conservative Lawyers Plan To Make Joe Biden’s “Presidency” a “Legal Hell”

Remember how President Trump was constantly harassed and sued by leftist organizations over every little thing he did?

How can we forget, right? It was annoying but very effective and successful for the Dems.


Like it or not, it was a smart way to fight back against us. Was it dirty and irritating? Yes, but this is how the Dems operate.

And now, it looks like the right is gearing up to do the same exact thing to Biden.

President Trump’s loyal aide Stephen Miller just made his most genius move against the Biden administration yet.


Miller is getting ready to take aim at Biden and his handlers with a brand new legal group of conservative/America First lawyers.

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Miller just organized a massive group of Republican attorneys who are armed and ready to take on cases of executive branch abuses.

In lamens terms, it’s a conservative version of the ACLU and it’s going to make Biden’s political life a living hell.


From Politico

Former Trump White House policy adviser Stephen Miller, known for his hard-line immigration policies and conservative culture war postures, is launching a new legal group. And he’s looking to use it to make Joe Biden’s life miserable.

The group, which will be known as America First Legal, will help organize Republican attorneys general against perceived executive branch abuses in addition to filing lawsuits of its own, according to six people familiar with the planning.

“During the Trump administration, we had the ACLU and three or four other advocacy groups consistently working with Democrats to coordinate against our policies. Miller is taking a page out of their book,” said a senior Trump administration official briefed on Miller’s plans.

Miller’s organization will join a fairly crowded ecosystem of conservative-leaning legal entities, including Judicial Watch, Alliance Defending Freedom, and the Immigration Reform Law Institute. But unlike those entities, which tend to operate around specific issues, such as religious liberty, free speech or immigration, America First Legal will be broadly focused on administrative law and executive overreach. That issue focus is derived, in large part, from the experiences that Miller and fellow Trump veterans confronted during the last administration.

Former President Donald Trump was no stranger to legal challenges during his time in office. Nationwide injunctions and appellate court rulings either thwarted or complicated his efforts to build a border wall with military funds, restrict immigrant visas, impose sanctions against TikTok and suspend diversity training for government employees, among numerous other policy initiatives and executive actions that were held up by the courts.


This has gotta be the best form of payback after the years of suffering these far-left interest groups put on Trump for absolutely minuscule issues.

What’s good for the goose, is even better for the gander.

We have to do whatever we can to fight this communist takeover, and this is a great weapon in our arsenal.

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