[VIDEO] Black Americans Laugh at The Idea That Voter ID is “Racist”

[VIDEO] Black Americans Laugh at The Idea That Voter ID is “Racist”

It’s insulting to watch white liberals try and push this notion that voter ID is somehow “racist.”


It’s insulting because it’s so damn offensive to suggest that an entire group of Americans are too inept and incapable to get an ID and then know how to use it.

This is absolutely the most absurd and demeaning thing liberals have pushed in a very long time. To suggest that minorities – mainly black folks – can’t manage to get an ID, and even if they do somehow “stumble” into a DMV and get one, they won’t be able to figure out how to use it when need be.

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Can you imagine being such an uppity a-hole, that that is literally how you think of black Americans?

I can’t imagine this – this type of thought-process would never even entire my mind.

Yet, this is the argument that “loving liberals” make when it comes to voter ID. Their argument is basically that black people are too dumb to show ID in a country where ID is literally required for pretty much everything on earth.


Well, these black folks in this video find this notion that voter ID is somehow “racist,” to be laughable.

You can watch the video below:

Has any of these elitist white liberals ever thought to actually ask black folks how they feel on this topic? Of course not. These smug, hoity-toity white progressives just do what they always do and speak on behalf of black Americans, as if THEY know better.

Treating a group of people like incapable dullards is not “empowering.” It’s insulting and it’s also the biggest and most offensive form of racism out there.


It’s also a huge power and control move by the left. This is how white liberals exert their subversive power over black people…By keeping them in “their place” and speaking for them.

Black people don’t need to be coddled and taken care of by blue-haired gender-fluid white communists on anti-depressants. As a matter of fact, they’d be better off running as far away from these confused people as humanly possible.


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