Canadians Under COVID Tyranny Show Up at US Border Flashing SOS “Morse Code” Signals

Canadians Under COVID Tyranny Show Up at US Border Flashing SOS “Morse Code” Signals

If you thought things were bad here in the U.S., just wait until you get a load of Canada.

The country is facing another round of serious lockdowns and quite frankly the people have had enough.


These poor Canadians are so fed-up that a large group of protesters showed up at the U.S. border actually flashing “morse code” signals.

Check it out:

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You know things have gotta be bad when Canadians start protesting it, right?

But if you don’t realize how BAD it’s gotten in Canada, just check out this jaw-dropping video:

Justin Trudeau is now issuing a dire warning  :

From CNN

Canada is scrambling to deal with a punishing third wave of the pandemic as several provinces have broken records for new daily cases of Covid-19 and hospital and ICU admissions.

“Canada continues to face an incredibly serious situation with this third wave, cases are rising rapidly in many cases, in many places, numbers are higher than they have ever been before and many hospitals are stretched way too thin,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said during a press conference Friday in Ottawa.

He said the situation was particularly grave in Ontario, with Toronto now seeing records shattered and hospital beds filling up.

Ontario broke more pandemic records Friday for daily cases, hospitalizations and intensive care admissions.

“There is every reason to believe that we’re now in the final although toughest stretch of this pandemic, this is not the moment to let up, not even for a second,” said Trudeau adding “This is the moment for us to dig deep at what is hopefully the very late stages of this pandemic for us all.”

There was a 35% increase in hospitalizations and a more than 20% increase in ICU admissions in the last week alone, public health officials said. More worrying is the 38% increase in deaths in the last week, they said.


You can really feel for these people, and what they’re going through.

Elites all over the world have used this virus as a political and power chokehold on the people…all in the name of “safety.”

What a perfect racket they’ve got going right now.

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