Watch: CNN Director Reveals “COVID Tricks” Network Uses to Scare People in Latest Undercover Video

Watch: CNN Director Reveals “COVID Tricks” Network Uses to Scare People in Latest Undercover Video

I know that a lot of times, Project Veritas videos can be somewhat underwhelming. That’s not to say that they don’t do amazing work. But there are times when they don’t live up to the hype.


This is NOT one of those times.

If anything, these videos are actually far more damaging than the hype.

What you’re about to watch, should be criminal. What CNN is doing should literally land them in jail, and I’m not being funny or cute. I’m dead serious. This is the ultimate abuse of power and CIA-style mind-control, and it has no place on the American airwaves.

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CNN is in a boiling hot cauldron of water, thanks to a series of hidden camera videos featuring their director named Charlie Chester who can’t seem to shut up about the fake news networks’ propaganda games.

Yesterday we learned that CNN’s main focus in life was to remove Trump from office – is this really the type of goals a mainstream media outlet should have? We also learned that they’re using the same “propaganda” tactics on Republican Matt Gaetz.

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CNN has now opened the door to lawsuits from both Trump and Gaetz, and I for one hope they go through with it and bring this junk CIA newsgroup to their communist knees.

But the news isn’t getting any better for CNN…Today’s drop of hidden camera videos is equally damning and just as sinister.

Thanks to Mr. Chatty Charlie, we’ve now learned that the network is using little “tricks” to keep people scared to death of COVID.

Why on earth are they doing this?


Well according to the director, it’s because COVID is massive ratings…and as he puts it, “if it bleeds, it leads…”

You can watch the video below:

There are folks in North Korea and China right now who are watching CNN Charlie and thinking, “Man, we need to up our propaganda game.”

Obviously, what we’re seeing pouring out of Charlie’s mouth isn’t shocking to anyone who is paying even the slightest bit of attention to CNN’s shenanigans. But now the quiet part. has been said out loud, and something needs to be done.


They need to feel the heat from Congress and the FCC because this type of trickery and propaganda has no place in the United States.

CNN actively used its power and influence to participate in election interference. This “news” network is literally working for a political party, and people who watch that garbage need to know that, and they need to register as a Dem super PAC.

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