Chris Wallace’s Latest “Biden Statement” Should Cost Him His Job at Fox News

Chris Wallace’s Latest “Biden Statement” Should Cost Him His Job at Fox News

Just when you think Chris Wallace can’t sink any lower down the political rabbit hole, he goes and proves you totally wrong.


This guy is literally on a mission to “save” Joe Biden and his latest “Biden drool fest” should cost him his job at Fox News.

Wallace presents himself as a bipartisan reporter, and clearly, there is nothing “bipartisan” about his behavior when it came to Trump and now Biden.

How can anyone take this man seriously? He’s throwing away his reputation because he has a raging case of TDS.

Wallace was quick to gush over President Joe Biden’s speech last night, claiming that it would be “popular” because after the COVID-19 pandemic, people “now feel more trusting and more in need of government.”

“I think this is going to be a popular speech with the American public,” Wallace said. “He offered a lot of stuff. Four trillion will buy a lot of stuff from millions of jobs to child care to community health centers, all kinds of stuff, community colleges.”

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“And the other thing that’s pretty popular is he said: You’re not going to have to pay for it. Big corporations are going to pay for it,” he added. “People making more than $400,000 are going to pay for it, but the vast majority of people watching tonight aren’t. So, offering a lot of stuff and saying you aren’t going to have to pay for it is pretty popular.”

“I think they’ve made a calculation that after COVID, that people have come to have a different feeling about government — that they now feel more trusting and more in need of government,” Wallace continued. “And so, where this might have turned a lot of people off —and probably still will— they believe the majority of people are going to say: the government’s here, and they’re here to help.”

This quickly came back to bite Wallace, however, when Fox News contributor Ben Domenech fired back at him.


“Last time I was on air talking at the same time as Chris Wallace about a Joe Biden speech, he waxed eloquently about how it was so powerful and unifying,” Domenech said, according to Daily Beast. “I don’t think that turned out to be true at all, it turned out to be a complete tissue of lies that Republicans rejected.”

“It’s not something that led to any bipartisanship,” he added. “I expect the same result from this speech. It’s going to be a political blip—immediately forgotten. It’s not going to change the course of anything in Washington, which is a now mono-partisan affair under Joe Biden.”


Domenech was referring to the fact that after Biden’s inaugural address back in January, Wallace said it was “the best inaugural address” he had ever heard and a “call to our better angels.”

It’s time for Chris to go. He’s nothing but a bloviated mouthpiece for the DNC and because of that, you can’t trust anything that comes out of his mouth.

This piece was written by James Samson on April 29, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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