WATCH: Here’s Your Disturbing Video Proof That COVID is a Full-Blown “Cult” to The Left 

WATCH: Here’s Your Disturbing Video Proof That COVID is a Full-Blown “Cult” to The Left 

I was scrolling through Twitter today, and when I saw this video, my jaw literally hit the floor.


I’ve always suspected that the left was secretly in love with the COVID virus and this creepy video just proved it.

My theory is that the left spent the past 4 years looking for the “silver bullet” to take down President Trump, and nothing worked until COVID came along, and even though they believe it’s deadly and dangerous, they still love and worship it.

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It’s kinda like the Godzilla” complex.  COVID is a monster, but it’s “their monster’ and it took down the bigger, meaner monster (Orange Man Bad) so they respect and worship Coronavirus.

Trust me, this theory of mine holds water…just look at this creepy video.

It’s from a New York City event where they’re pushing the vaccine, and this odd little fella sings a very mentally disturbed song for Dr. Fauci – the man who has gotten nothing right, flip-flopped all over the place, and politicized this virus to the point of absurdity.


But of course, the left doesn’t see the truth – they are blinded by the COVID CULT and look at Fauci as the “Dr. Frankenestien” who (created?) and controls COVID-19.

You can watch the video below:

After watching this creepy clip, if you don’t agree that “liberalism is a mental disorder,” there’s something really wrong with you.


We need to reopen the mental institutions and get these poor people some help.

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