[VIDEO] Dem Politicians Are Getting Booed At Baseball Games Across America 

[VIDEO] Dem Politicians Are Getting Booed At Baseball Games Across America 

It’s amazing…for a country that was supposedly so “excited” to elect a Democrat – 82 million historic votes – we sure aren’t very happy with Dems.


I mean, think about it – one of the most high-profile Dem governors is about to get recalled.

The Dem governor in my state of Michigan is also facing a potential recall – and don’t get me started on Andrew Cuomo.

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All of these Dems, who share the same beliefs and philosophy as Joe Biden, are basically loathed by the people.

But somehow, the “people” historically love Joe?

That doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Of course it doesn’t.

But it gets even nuttier.

Dem politicians can’t go out in public now – even to a baseball game – without getting booed – severely – by the crowds.

That’s exactly what happened to LA Mayor Garcetti, who showed up at a partially-attended Dodgers baseball game.

You can watch the video below:

But it wasn’t just the LA mayor that got the cold shoulder from voters.

The same thing happened in Chicago to Mayor Lightfoot and Dem Governor Pritzker.

Take a look:

Does any of this spell “love” and “unity” to anyone?

Well, it might – I seriously think we’re all secretly unified against Dems, we just don’t all realize it yet.


This idea that we’re all thrilled with Dems and the so-called “leadership” they’re bestowing upon us is laughable.

And that also extends to the Resident who’s currently squatting in the White House.


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