Don Jr.’s Response to Jimmy Kimmel and Hunter Biden’s Attacks is One For The Record Books 

Don Jr.’s Response to Jimmy Kimmel and Hunter Biden’s Attacks is One For The Record Books 

I will tell you this much, Don Jr. got his razor-sharp wit and internet trolling abilities straight from his old man.


He’s a chip off the ol’ block.

And nowhere did those skills come in handier, than when Trump-Hater Jimmy Kimmel and Hunter Biden teamed up to trash-talk Don Jr.

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Think about this – a racist man who wore “black face,” and sexualized women for a living, and a crackhead, who smoked “parmesan cheese” and made low-budget/disgusting pornos have the audacity to sit around and attack a successful, clean and sober family man who isn’t sleeping with his brother’s widow and fathering illegitimate kids with DC strippers.

You can’t make this up.

It all went down during Hunter’s book PR blitz.

He staggered onto Jimmy Kimmel’s show to hawk his so-called “memoirs.” I guess he has to write books now since Daddy can no longer give him jobs.

During the interview, talk turned to the Trump family, because these people all have TDS.

Hunter, who was desperately trying to deflect away from talking about that damned laptop of his, decided to try and make it all about Don Jr.

Hunter and Jimmy took aim at Jr., implying that he’s the one with the real nepotism problem.


Oh, okay, sure bet. 

The video is below, but it’s Don Jr.’s response to the video that will have you rolling.

Here’s what Jr. said about the interview: “How much parmesan cheese did Hunter and Jimmy smoke together before this interview?”

Perfect! ?


What a brilliant jab from Don Jr.

I love how the left is still so angsty and uptight about Trump and the boy, but even though this entire sham, Team Trump remains calm and cool, and even has a sense of humor about some of this mess.


That’s what “sanity” will do for you.

It keeps you grounded and bonus – it also prevents you from smoking parmesan cheese and crack cocaine.



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