Watch: Videos Emerge of Minneapolis Man Shot By Cops Yesterday, Brandishing Guns

Watch: Videos Emerge of Minneapolis Man Shot By Cops Yesterday, Brandishing Guns

A young man by the name of Daunte Wright was shot and killed by police in the “Brooklyn Center” area of Minneapolis on Sunday afternoon.


It is unclear exactly what happened that sparked the shooting.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] BLM Riots Breakout in Minneapolis After Cops Just Shot Another Black Man

Left-wing outlets are claiming that Mr. Wright was shot over an “air freshener” in his car, while other reports indicate he had a warrant and was resisting arrest.

Again, the details are sketchy at this point and nothing appears to be confirmed.

The shooting sparked more riots last night in war-torn Minneapolis – a city that is awaiting the outcome of the high-profile George Floyd trial.


Stores and businesses all over the city were burned and looted by angry protesters – many of the businesses that were destroyed, like Walmart, support “Black Lives Matter.”

Protesters even surrounded the police department:

Not a lot is known about the young man who was killed at this time – his family and friends say he was a good kid, who was about to graduate.

There are, however, newly unearthed videos showing Mr. Wright flaunting guns in online videos.

In all fairness, we see a lot of people proudly showing off their guns every day, but these videos appear to involve drinking, drugs, and weapons, which is not a good combo. Also, Mr. Wright is pointing the gun directly at the camera, which can be perceived as “threatening” by some.


These videos certainly don’t justify anyone being shot – that still has to be investigated – but they may help shed light on a dangerous lifestyle that Mr. Wright was involved in

Many people are saying that Mr. Wright was unarmed when he was shot and killed.

He was reportedly shot and then kept driving. His car then crashed, and he died at the scene.

One bone of contention for protesters is that they say Mr. Wright’s body was left on the ground for “hours.” Yahoo News reported that Wright’s mother, Katie Wright, tearfully pleaded for police to give her more information about what happened to her son and for his body to be moved from the street.

According to MPR News, Duante Wright’s mother said she had just bought him a car and that he was on his way to a car wash at the time of the shooting.

Protesters chanted “Say his name: Daunte Wright!” as a line of police stretched down the street near the intersection where Wright crashed.

The governor of Minnesota posted what many are calling a very “irresponsible” tweet that could lead to a lot more rioting last night.

Here’s what the governor said: “I am closely monitoring the situation in Brooklyn Center. Gwen and I are praying for Daunte Wright’s family as our state mourns another life of a Black man taken by law enforcement.”


This man is more interested in scoring “progressive brownie points” than actually protecting his city.

Liberals do not know how to govern or lead. They only know how to speak outrage and fuel fires.

Real great “unity.” ?

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