Dinesh D’Souza Just Put Dr. Fauci in Hot Seat With This Damning Photo

Dinesh D’Souza Just Put Dr. Fauci in Hot Seat With This Damning Photo

Dr. Fauci is one of the worst things that’s ever happened to this country, and looking back, with what we know now, President Trump would have been best-suited to fire that clown before he ever got started.


But we have to cut President Trump some slack on that – while in hindsight everything looks so clear, at the time the waters were very muddy – and I am sure that was done by design – as so much of this politized mess has been.

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And as you’ll recall, little Fauci chimed in on everything that had to do with “Red States” and President Trump. From Spring Break to Trump rallies, Fauci was always right there to tell everyone how dangerous these “superspreader” events were.

It happened so often, it became tiresome and predictable.

Yet, for some reason now, after Biden was installed into the White House, Fauci suddenly clammed up about the danger of all these “superspreader” events – and the most famous “superspreader event” he’s been quiet on is the most dangerous of them all…The Border.

That’s right, “Mr. 15 Masks” hasn’t said a word about the COVID petri dish happening in Joe’s migrant cages.


As a matter of fact, when he was called out on this, Fauci actually shrugged his little shoulders and said “I don’t have anything to do with the border.”

Oh, okay, but he has everything to do with teenagers in bikinis on Florida beaches? Got it.

Well, we all know that’s a load of pure hooey.

Just look at this photo that Dinesh D’Souza posted. It’s of 25 migrants packed into a migrant railcar in Texas.

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Dinesh would like to know why Fauci is dead silent on this?

Yes, we’d all like to know, wouldn’t we?

Look at this damning photo:

It’s obvious what’s going on here.

COVID and Dr. Fauci are purely political.

This isn’t about health and wellbeing. This has, and always will be, about politics…and this is why so many people don’t trust Fauci and other government officials when it comes to COVID.


Look at that picture again, and ask yourself…can you blame many Americans for thinking something is up?

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