Conservative Jesse Kelly Explains How Elites Use COVID and Racism to Distract the “Peasants”

Conservative Jesse Kelly Explains How Elites Use COVID and Racism to Distract the “Peasants”

COVID-19 has been the biggest wealth distribution movement in the history of the world.

While the middle-class withers away, American elites grow fatter and richer and gain more and more power.

Have you ever wondered why we the “peasants” are told we can’t eat in restaurants, but elite politicians dine at fancy French bistros?


Or how the elite politicians tell us we can’t travel, while they and their aides jet off and enjoy mask-free vacations?

If this pandemic was as terrible as they tell us, the elites would be locked up in their homes, scared to death.

But they’re not.

We are.

And our businesses are shut down, our livelihoods are destroyed – small-town restaurants are gone, but fast-food giants and chain restaurants are flourishing. Small stores and shops are boarded up, but Amazon has never been richer.

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Do you think this is all a coincidence?

Conservative pundit Jesse Kelly doesn’t think so.

He believes that the “system” is distracting everyone with COVID “fear porn” while they amass a massive fortune and snatch even more power.

But it’s not just COVID, it’s the whole “racism” narrative, too.

Whatever the elites can do to keep the peasants distracted and at each other’s throats – they’ll do it.

Jesse took to Twitter and shared his thoughts in one brilliant tweet.

Here’s what Jesse said: “The whole System got you focused on COVID and “racism” while the oligarchs consolidate wealth and power.

They laugh while the peasants tear each other apart for the table scraps.”


There’s needs to come a time – very soon – when the American people wake up and really see what’s going on.

Because if we don’t, we won’t have a country, or decent lives left for much longer.

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