New Website Tracks WH YouTube Channel And Exposes What Big Tech Doesn’t Want You to See

New Website Tracks WH YouTube Channel And Exposes What Big Tech Doesn’t Want You to See

Did you know that Joe Biden is the most popular politician in the history of the United States of America?


Yeah, it’s true…this old buffoon who has basically been a worldwide joke for his entire career is more popular than BOTH recent presidents who actually started massive and impressive political “movements.”

That’s right, Creepy/Sleepy Joe, who can’t string a sentence together, hold a rally, or walk up a flight of steps, absolutely smoked both Obama and Trump, to become the most beloved and celebrated US politician on record.

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Do you actually believe any of that?

Of course not. Most people don’t. But that’s the malarkey we’re being sold by Dems, media, and big tech.

We all know better. We all know this is a total joke. It’s like living in the middle of a really dumb and unfunny SNL skit.


But here we are –  and while the media, big tech, and Dems work overtime to put on this “Truman-like” show, there are signs everywhere that’s all fake.

Just look at this new website that is tracking the activity of the White House Youtube page – it’s blowing the lid off the “Truman Show” fraud.

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As you likely know, Youtube is now removing “dislikes” from many Biden videos. This isn’t a secret, we’ve all seen it. And Politifact even discussed it.

Basically, Youtube is claiming that they’re removing “spam dislikes.” Okay. Sure, bet. *We believe you* wink, wink.

It can’t possibly be that Americans actually didn’t vote en masse for an establishment buffoon, and are showing their anger – no, it can’t be that.

But besides that nonsense, Youtube also claims they can remove any dislikes they want – okay, that’s likely the “real story” here.


Here’s what Politifact stated:

• YouTube may have removed “spam” dislikes from a video posted by the White House after President Joe Biden took office.

• YouTube’s policies allow the company to remove likes or dislikes that have been marked invalid by its systems.

• The video in question had 32,000 dislikes as of Jan. 25, and 7,700 likes.

Well, this new website politely begs to differ, Youtube and Politifact, and I think in America, we’re still allowed to do that, right?

Let me show you how this website works:

This website, which is aptly named “,” after Biden’s supposed “81 million” votes, is tracking the actual likes and dislikes on Biden’s videos.

And, what they’ve found is a heck of a lot worse than we even realize.

There’s not a single solitary video that has more “likes” than “dislikes.”

And look at the discrepancies between the links and dislikes. In some cases, it’s downright massive.

Youtube and fact-checkers say that’s “bot activity,” many people disagree and say it’s real people expressing real feelings.

Here’s a screenshot of the website:

The website argues that a president with such a huge and historic win should have huge and historic support, right?

I mean, this isn’t rocket. science, folks.

If a politician is loved by many, it will show up in all sorts of places: on the ground at rallies, and online with views, and engagement.

We don’t see that with Biden at all.


The only “proof” we have of Joe’s tremendous so-called “popularity” are these absurd polls (who trusts polls?) and a media which Americans don’t trust, breathlessly telling us how everyone loves him.

Sorry, but we need more than that – and until we get it – we’ll just assume this whole thing is a big scam.

H/T: 100 Percent Fed Up

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