[VIDEO] Juan Williams Just Creeped Out “The Five” and All of America With This Bizarre Request

[VIDEO] Juan Williams Just Creeped Out “The Five” and All of America With This Bizarre Request

I watched this clip, not knowing what to expect, and that’s probably the best way to see it because there’s really no way to explain what the hell Juan Williams just said…


But I’ll try…

Jesse Watters was explaining how all week the show’s producers have been yelling in their earpieces that they need to “hurry up” and quickly wrap things up, and now, after all that, before they go to break, they have a whole 45 seconds of “free time.”

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This set up a moment of just random chatter to fill the time.

Greg Gutfeld offered to share some statistics but was quickly interpreted by Juan Willams, who jumped in with a totally bizarre – and rather gross – request.

For some odd reason, Juan told Jesse that what he wanted was to “put some cream in his mouth…”

Uh, say what, Juan?


Needless to say, “The Five” panel was a little taken aback.

You can watch the video below:

I’m sure Juan wasn’t trying to be ‘suggestive’ (lord, we hope not), but it was funny.

Here are a few comments from folks online:

“look at Perino’s expression after he said that. hahaha” 

Why is  @TheJuanWilliams even still there? He is rude, boorish, interrupts and lies most of the time.”

“Glad I don’t plan on eating for a few more hours.” 

“That’s a visual image I didn’t need” 

“Well, now any sort of cream has been ruined for me, for life” 


Hey, at least he was making all of us mad with another one of his painfully dumb political takes, right?

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