Lou Dobbs Sends a Message to Everyone…He’s “Turning The Page”

Lou Dobbs Sends a Message to Everyone…He’s “Turning The Page”

I miss Lou Dobbs. I know you probably do too.

Fox News did poor Lou dirty…they did all of us dirty. I know a lot of time has passed and that tends to calm the anger, but we can’t forget what role Fox News played in the 2020 sham election and beyond.

They were in on this whole thing. Trust me when I say this – The Dems couldn’t have pulled off everything that they did without Fox, GOP, and DOJ, and they had support and help from all three…and we can never forget that.


And people like Lou, who fought so hard for us and President Trump were the first ones they kicked out the door.

That says everything you need to know about what’s going on over at Fox News.

But now, they’ll try and get viewers back by going “sort of hard” against Biden. Only, they’ll balance it out with glowing stuff too.

Take for example Harris Faulkner – she was just gushing all over Biden, calling him a great guy and blubbering over his “kindness.”

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Fox knows what they’re doing – don’t fall for it.

In the meantime, we did hear from Lou Dobbs today and he has a message for all of us. He’s ready to “turn the page.”

Here’s what Lou said: “Ready to turn the page—and start a new chapter #Dobbs


Looks like Lou has had a bit of a break, and now he’s ready to get back into the fight – and we sure as heck need him.

This is perfect timing too – President Trump’s new social media will be ready by summer and OANN and Newsmax are doing great, not to mention all the online conservative shows and podcasts.

Would be great to see Lou back on TV, and by the sound of this message, I think we will very soon.

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