Fearless Megyn Kelly is Now Taking on Progressive Race Baiters Trying to Brainwash Our Nation’s Kids

Fearless Megyn Kelly is Now Taking on Progressive Race Baiters Trying to Brainwash Our Nation’s Kids

Schools in this country aren’t what they used to be.

Quite a few decades ago, schools were a place that children would go to learn and develop, but now it seems to be more of an SJW Bootcamp, where these poor kids are constantly having a liberal agenda shoved down their throats.


And if you think this is just limited to public schools then you’d be very mistaken.

As a matter of fact, the headmaster of a liberal private school in New York was just forced to resign after receiving several letters from parents demanding that the school focus on curriculum instead of obsessively focusing on progressive social issues.

As the New York Post reported, the head of this elite Manhattan private school, Jim Best, has resigned due to the backlash against his liberal teaching policies.

Best worked for the private school for over 16 years and it’s considered one of New York City’s most esteemed institutions, with graduates like Chevy Chase and Anderson Cooper.

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But clearly, the people have had enough of their children being brainwashed and are finally starting to fight back.

This is exactly what Megyn Kelly has done!

She also pulled her children from a politically toxic private school in New York City and celebrated Jim Best’s resignation with this epic tweet.


It’s great to see these parents standing up and fight against this ridiculous ciriculum being taught to our children.

And Megyn is right…

If they keep upping the ante on these progressive teachings, they’re going to be teaching to empty classrooms.

This is how we fight back and win. It may not seem like a lot now, but it will be over time. Stay the course and keep fighting.

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