Mitch McConnell Finally Bends The Knee: Wants Truce With President Trump

Mitch McConnell Finally Bends The Knee: Wants Truce With President Trump

Word on the street is that Mitch McConnell is tucking tail again and is begging Trump for his forgiveness.

Well, maybe not “begging,” but I’d definitely say groveling.

This latest scuttlebutt comes just after President Trump recently unloaded on Mitch, calling him a “dumb son of a b*tch.”

The two men have been at each other’s throats since Mitch tried his best to throw Trump under the bus after the January 6th melee.

Mitch miscalculated and thought he could use that event to drive the last nail in Trump’s coffin…and boy, was he wrong.

Trump fired back, and a “war” broke out…and as you can imagine, dopey, establishment Mitch was on the wrong side of that battle.

Now, as Trump keeps firing rounds at McConnell, he’s ducking for cover and avoiding any and all conflict with Trump.

Instead, Mitch is now bending the knee and seeking to end his feud in an effort to “unite” the party….more like save his ass.


Clearly, McConnell can see that without Trump, the Republican party is as dead as a doornail – and so is he.

Check out his pathetic statement:

From The Hill

Trump lashed out at McConnell the following Saturday evening at a Republican donor event, where he blamed him for Republicans losing the White House.

“If that were Schumer instead of this dumb son of a bitch Mitch McConnell they would never allow it to happen. They would have fought it,” Trump said, referring to newly minted Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and the election results.

McConnell on Tuesday wanted no part in the food fight with Trump and said he’s more focused on trying to unify the Republican Party to oppose what he calls President Biden’s “far-left” agenda.

“What I’m concentrating on is the future and what we are confronted with here is a totally left-wing administration, with a slight majority in the House, a 50-50 Senate trying to transform America into something no one voted for last year,” McConnell told reporters.

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These comments sure are a far cry from the ones McConnell was making just months ago where he blamed Trump for the Capitol riots and theoretically the entire downfall of the GOP.

Here’s a refresher on those despicable comments he made:


“The mob was fed lies,” McConnell told the chamber, which two weeks earlier had been evacuated as rioters invaded the building. “They were provoked by the president and other powerful people.”

The GOP leader made the direct link between the Republican president’s rhetoric and the Jan. 6 riot, which left five dead, on the day before President-elect Joe Biden was to be sworn in as the 46th president.

McConnell has rebuffed pressure from Democrats to hold the impeachment trial before Trump leaves office, but he has told colleagues that he is undecidedon whether Trump should be convicted in the Senate for inciting the riot.


This guy is a real piece of work…

Does he think we all just fell off the turnip truck and are ready to accept him back into the fray?

At this point, he’s done so much damage to the GOP and his own reputation that his actions are virtually unforgivable.

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