Have You Seen What The “Woke” US Navy Just Did to Their Logo?

Have You Seen What The “Woke” US Navy Just Did to Their Logo?

The US Military has gotten so “woke” that they’re hardly recognizable anymore.


Our military is so “woke” that they’re now a “joke.”

And let me be clear –  my disgust with the “woke military” has nothing to do with the very fine and brave men and women who are on the frontlines and those people behind the scenes supporting them in all different ways.

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Not at all.  

This weakness and liberal mindset aren’t about those people –  this progressive “woke culture” is coming from the higher-ups and it’s got to stop.


Remember a few weeks back with the Marines got all “woke and sassy” over Tucker Carlson’s segment on women in the military. The official “Marines” account called him a “boomer.”

It’s gotten absurd.

The military needs to stay out of the “social stuff” – especially the things that are dividing Americans – things like masks, for example.

Look, it’s fine if they want to enforce certain rules within their ranks – that’s totally understandable, but to make these type of social statements outside of their ranks on a topic that has literally divided the nation right down the middle is unwise at best, and downright stupid at worst.

But wait –  it gets even dumber.

The Navy couldn’t just hype or promote masks verbally or online. No. They had to take it 200 steps further by changing their entire US NAVY logo so the “eagle” is now wearing a mask.


Yes. They did.

Check it out:

Here’s a bigger, more up-close view of this monstrosity:

Americans are beyond the point of needing childish PSA’s about masks.

We’ve all had it *up to here* with the mask talk.

Anyone who is not wearing a mask at this point in the game is not doing so out of “lack of education” on the issue – trust me.

They’re doing it either as a form of rebellion, or they truly don’t believe the darn things work.


Treating already-irritated Americans like a group of dopey kindergarteners is not a good idea – and defacing the Navy logo so you can score progressive brownie points is an even worse idea.

Our military needs to spend less time on Twitter and TikTok, and more time focusing on our enemies…we don’t need Social Justice Warriors, we need Patriotic American Warriors.


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