[VIDEO] Piers Morgan Reveals Final Blow He Dealt Meghan Markle Before Leaving His Job

[VIDEO] Piers Morgan Reveals Final Blow He Dealt Meghan Markle Before Leaving His Job

On Monday, Piers Morgan blasted Meghan Markle in an explosive interview with Tucker Carlson. This comes one month after Morgan quit his job hosting “Good Morning Britain” amidst backlash over him criticizing Meghan for her interview with Oprah.


Morgan defended the royal family, calling Meghan out for what he described as her “appalling smearing of the Queen.”

During her interview, Meghan claimed that she was hit with racism from within the royal family, claiming that an unnamed senior royal questioned how dark her then-unborn son Archie’s skin would be. Harry refused to name this family member, only saying that it was neither Queen Elizabeth nor Prince Philip. Meghan also claimed that she felt so isolated as a royal that she considered committing suicide at one point during her pregnancy.

Morgan, however, was not having any of it.

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“You’re accusing … people in the palace of being unspeakably cruel simply to protect the brand of the Royal family. If that is true, let’s have the names of these people, and let’s go to them and ask them is this true,” Morgan told Carlson on “Fox Nation,”  referring to Meghan. “Did you tell a suicidal woman who told you she was suicidal she was not allowed to get help? Because I find that impossible to believe.”

“Here we are a month later, and frankly — I’ve had plenty of time to think about this — I still don’t believe any of what they were saying,” Morgan added, referring to Meghan and her husband Prince Harry.

“Seventeen different claims by the pair of them have now been proven to be either completely untrue or massively exaggerated or unprovable,” he continued. “I don’t understand why I should have to believe people who are not telling the truth. There are so many ridiculous whoppers in this interview that frankly, in the end, saying I would believe her would be like saying I believe Pinocchio. Why would I?”


Not stopping there, Morgan attacked the “woke brigade” for trying to stop him from speaking his mind.

“It’s not really about Meghan Markle — she’s a delusional duchess who wants to make millions off the royals while trashing family,” Morgan said. “It’s really about free speech.”

Shifting back to Meghan, Morgan specifically went after her suggestion that her son Archie wasn’t given security or a royal title because he is mixed-race.

“It’s not just a sense of her lived experience being untrue, it is factually incorrect,” Morgan said of this claim.“That boy was never going to be a prince until Prince Charles, Harry’s father, becomes king on the death of the queen. So for Meghan Markle to try and create a story that says that the decision to not make Archie the title of prince was based on his skin color is a lie.”

Later in the interview, Morgan recounted what he told his bosses at “Good Morning Britain” before quitting the program.

“On a fundamental point of principle, I’m not going to apologize for not believing Meghan Markle,” he said.


One final dig at the Diva Duchess before he walked out the door…

This piece originally appeared in UpliftingToday.com and is used by permission.

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