Ted Cruz Delivers One Final, Hilarious Blow to John Boehner (Photo)

Ted Cruz Delivers One Final, Hilarious Blow to John Boehner (Photo)

Political relic John Boehner must’ve been 8-cocktails deep when he decided to start a feud with the very nimble and savage Ted Cruz. It wasn’t smart and it didn’t work out in his favor.


It all started when Boehner wrote a book.

And speaking of that book – besides Liz Cheney and the pedophiles at the Lincoln Project, who on God’s green earth would buy a book that John Boehner wrote?

At any rate, some clueless publishing house had cash to burn and decided to pay John Boehner money to recall his booze-filled days as Speaker of The House.

And in this book, Boehner took aim at Senator Ted Cruz.

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Business Insider reported that Boehner told CBS News that he singled Cruz out, calling him “dangerous” and a “reckless a–hole,” in his forthcoming book, “On the House: A Washington Memoir,” because Cruz had amplified divisions within the GOP House caucus.

“This guy wasn’t even a member of the United States House of Representatives, he was a member of the Senate, stirring up some of the crazies in my own caucus to cause all kinds of problems,” Boehner said of Cruz during a Monday morning interview. “And that’s probably why I zeroed in on him — probably the only person in this book — in the way that I did.”

He added, “As I say in the book, there’s nothing worse than a reckless jackass who thinks he’s smarter than everybody else.”


Well, Ted Cruz got wind of Boehner’s book and responded – giving Boehner some desperately-needed publicity.

Here’s what Ted said about ol’ Johnny boy:

“I think he was probably recording at nine or ten in the morning so obviously he had too much wine that day already,” Cruz quipped, referring to Boehner’s well-known love of wine. I don’t get it, but this guy is a little unhinged. The Swamp is unhappy, I wear with pride his drunken, bloviated scorn. Please don’t cry.”


But it actually gets better.

Ted Cruz took to Twitter on Tuesday and said that some “smart-ass” had dropped off a signed copy of Boehner’s book at his office.

Ted took three pics.

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The first one is John’s book on a coffee table.

The second pic is John’s book open, showing the signature.

And the third picture is John’s book in the fireplace.

Ha ha ha.

We love it!

It’s awesome that Ted Cruz has ruffled the feathers of the GOP globalist chickens.

People like John Boehner no longer have a place in the Republican Party.

They are relics of a failed past, and all of their ideas and policies have gutted the American middle-class.


It wasn’t until President Trump came along and redefined the Republican Party, that we started to see a shift towards the forgotten American – all the people that John Boehner forgot about between his high-balls, cigars, and globalist deals.

Good riddance to him, and all his fellow RINOs and warmongers.


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