[VIDEO] Truck Driver in Minneapolis Mobbed By BLM Protesters…Watch How He Gets Away…

[VIDEO] Truck Driver in Minneapolis Mobbed By BLM Protesters…Watch How He Gets Away…

I saw this video and it made me think of the Rodney King riots when the mob pulled that man out of his truck and beat him within an inch of his life.


Thank God, this truck driver didn’t suffer the same fate, but it looked scary, nonetheless.

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As you likely know by now, the Cauvin trial ended today with a “guilty on all charges” verdict.

But anyone who thought that “guilty verdict” would be the end of the mob violence, doesn’t understand how the left operates.

They’re just getting geared up…because, for the BLM and Antifa mob, George Floyd’s death was never about “justice,” it was about power, money, and Marxism.

So, they will riot no matter what – and now, the battle cry is once again “Defund The Police,” which is one of the most unpopular stances in American history. Almost no one supports defunding the police, except for communist radicals in the Democrat Party – the radicals that are basically running the Biden admin and this country.


So, right now, if you live in a city, especially Minneapolis, for your own safety, don’t go outside.

This truck driver found that out that hard way, as he drove through the streets of Minneapolis after the verdict was handed down, and he was mobbed by the mob.

Watch how this guy gets away…thank God, he did this move…

You can watch the video below:

Here are some comments from online users:

“I have the answer for this, all truck drivers refuse to deliver in Minnesota. Let them starve”

“That was a Smart Truck Driver. Unlike the driver in the LA Riots. He went down the wrong Street and they pulled him out of his truck and someone took a cement brick and threw it on his head”

“this is just only the beginning”

“Everyone holding their phone up just got a great view of a truck driver defending himself from several thugs committing at the very least, misdemeanors.”

“Very smart to do that and still alive driver …..”

Again, lucky that man got away –  if the mob would have gotten a hold of him, there’s no telling what they would have done to him.

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