[VIDEO] Well, You Knew It Was Coming…Tucker Just Responded to Fauci and Flattened Him Good

[VIDEO] Well, You Knew It Was Coming…Tucker Just Responded to Fauci and Flattened Him Good

Tucker and Fauci have been going at this past week and Tucker just ended the “match” with a very nice TKO on the (not-so-good) doctor.

Following Tucker’s criticism of the COVID-19 vaccine, Fauci took a media tour where he slammed Tucker non-stop for telling the public that the vaccine is ineffective.

Fauci even accused Tucker of spreading conspiracy theories about the vaccine.

Since when are legitimate questions and concerns “conspiracy theories?”


And anyway, that’s not at all what Tucker said.

He simply is questioning this vaccine, just like a vast majority of Americans, and is wondering why the heck those who have been vaccinated still have to wear a mask.

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Seriously…you’ve got Biden who’s out here wearing two maks like a weirdo despite being first in line to receive the vaccine.

These are valid questions, not conspiracy theories, which is exactly what Tucker pushed back against Fauci within this epic response.

Check it out:


Fauci should seriously spend less time being concerned about what Tucker is saying about the vaccine and more time reflecting over his laundry list of failures.

Not to mention, the COVID vaccine is still distrusted by Americans, mainly Republicans who overwhelmingly oppose the vaccine.

From Cidrap

Vaccine hesitance still falls on party lines
In the poll, one in five adults polled (21%) said they think they will be able to return to normal by summer. In late January, that percentage was higher, at 29%. Forty percent said the return to normal will not come until the year’s end, 27% say it will take longer than that, and 9% believe we will never return to normal, Monmouth University said.

“Most Americans feel that ‘normal’ is still many months away and perhaps a little farther down the road than initially hoped for during [President Joe] Biden’s first days in office,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute.

The poll showed that an unwillingness to get vaccinated still falls along party lines, with 36% of Republicans saying they will avoid the vaccine, compared to just 6% of Democrats. Overall, about 60% of those polled said they believed Biden is handling the pandemic well.

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