First-Hand Witness Comes Forward and Reveals Who Left Those Nasty “WH Notes” For Trump in 2016

First-Hand Witness Comes Forward and Reveals Who Left Those Nasty “WH Notes” For Trump in 2016

Well, the mystery of the “Nasty Notes” has finally been solved.

If you’ll recall, back in Jan 2017 when President Trump took office, he and other members of their staff said that Obama’s team had left “nasty notes” for them.


Of course, the media acted like that was a lie, and accused Trump of making things up.

But it was true.

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And Dave Chappelle of all people just solved the mystery.

He was at the White House just days before Obama left the White House, and he saw who wrote the notes.

From The Blaze

Comedian Dave Chappelle says that celebrities — and not Obama staffers — left “dirty notes” for former President Donald Trump’s incoming team in 2017.

In 2019, Trump administration officials said they believe that former President Barack Obama’s aides left “taunting notes” behind in the White House to greet Trump, The Wrap reports.

What are the details?
Chappelle, who appeared on model Naomi Campbell’s YouTube series “No Filter with Naomi,” said that he witnessed celebrities penning nasty notes for the incoming Trump team.

The comedian, who was attending one of the final White House events thrown by the Obama administration, said that he saw some celebrities “leaving ‘dirty notes’ for the incoming Trump administration.”

He did not divulge where, specifically, the celebrities left the notes in question other than to state that the notes were placed in White House drawers and cabinets.

“Remember when the Trump administration moved in, they said ‘The Obama staff left dirty notes for us in all the drawers and all the cabinets,'” Chappelle told Campbell. “Now, I saw this happening. I’m not going to say who did it. But it was celebrities, writing all this crazy s*** and putting them all over there. And I saw them doing it, so when I saw it on the news I laughed real hard.”

In 2019, former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said that the notes included sentiments such as “You aren’t going to make it” and “You will fail.”

“Every office was filled with Obama books, and we had notes left behind that said, ‘You will fail, you aren’t going to make it,'” Grisham at the time. “In the press office, there was a big note taped to the door that said, ‘You will fail.'”

Former Obama aides at the time insisted they had nothing to do with the notes left for the Trump administration at the White House and said that such notes didn’t even exist.


As always, President Trump and his staff were the ones telling the truth.

I also find it hard to believe that nobody in the Obama admin knew that happened.

Give me a break.

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