Actor Will Smith Tries to Get Political in GA, But Instead, Ends Up With Egg All Over His Face

Actor Will Smith Tries to Get Political in GA, But Instead, Ends Up With Egg All Over His Face

Celebrities nowadays are the worst.


Remember back in the day when all an actor did was “act?”

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I know it seems like a million years ago, but there was a time when actors and sports figures were humble, and thankful for their fans and supporters and they remembered which side their bread was buttered on.

Those days are long gone. Now, we have celebrities who live these disgusting and depraved lives, lording over us, shaking their fingers, and telling us how to live and who to vote for.

Today’s celebs and sports figures are more worried about making “social justice statements” than they are about entertaining us – and that’s their job…to entertain. But that’s how little they care about their fans.


Just look at actor Will Smith.

He’s the latest “SJW” activist taking a so-called “stand” in Georgia by pulling his upcoming movie “Emancipation” out of the state and moving it to Louisianna.

Will Smith is just another rich, clueless dummy who didn’t read the Georgia voter law.

He also didn’t read the laws in Louisianna either, because LA also has voter ID, fewer days of early voting, and allows no absentee voting with an excuse.

It’s actually more restrictive than Georgia.

Town Hall reported that Will Smith is now costing more black folks their jobs by pulling out of GA – the same thing the MLB did, thanks to LeBron James and Stacey Abrams. How does that make even the least amount of sense? Not to mention it’s all based on a lie. How are expanding early voting days depriving people of voting? Comparing any of this to trying to deny black people the right to vote is shameful and a diminishment of what actually happened in history. It’s just despicable.

Townhall editor Guy Benson observed the irony in all this is that the laws in Louisiana are more restrictive than Georgia. Georgia is more open than Louisiana and has more voting opportunities.

Could these people be more stupid?

The Dems are just trying to send a message to GA and any other states like GA, that if they dare to enact. voting laws, or add any restrictions whatsoever, they will suffer economincally.

It’s strong-arm tactics, bullying, and dirty politics.


It’s ironic, Dems will lift sanctions on Iran – a state sponsor of terror, but then turn around and inflict pain on their own people.

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