[VIDEO] Sitting Down? ABC News Just Told The Brutal Truth About Trump

[VIDEO] Sitting Down? ABC News Just Told The Brutal Truth About Trump

If you didn’t know any better you’d think the left just woke up for a year and a half coma, where they slept through all the events of the pandemic.

As we all remember, the COVID-19 virus started out in Wuhan, China, and quickly spread to the rest of the world.


Of course, when the virus reached our shores, the fingers started to point away from China and directly at Trump, where many on the left blamed him for the COVID-19 deaths versus China, the country of origin.

It was a political move. 

And with that move, many even forgot that China was even associated with COVID, and even when Trump would call it the “China virus” many liberals would become outraged and call the nickname “racist.”

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Of course, now, they’re all of a sudden singing a different tune and are now suddenly concluding that maybe, just maybe, China had something to do with this.

Gee, ya think?!

And now the fake news propaganda media is finally talking about it.

Check out this stunning video of ABC finally admitting that Trump might have been right when he said that COVID-19 came from China (might have?)…And also how the media couldn’t handle anything Trump said…basically, they were so TDS-riddled, that truth became lies if Trump said the words.


ABC are not heroes by any stretch, but they are now forced to face the reality of what they and their colleagues have done to this country.

They had so much obsessive hate for one man, that they allowed it to taint their job and turn them into activist savages, not “reporters” or “journalists,” and everyone in the country can see that.

Our media are a bunch of buffoons – and for the first time in about 5 years, they’re starting to realize it.

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