[VIDEO] Bannon Just Revealed Dems Very Real Hidden Fear About “Wuhan”

[VIDEO] Bannon Just Revealed Dems Very Real Hidden Fear About “Wuhan”

Dr. Fauci has been outed.

His “gain of function” research has been put on blast for a while now – it was originally called out by Fox News host Steve Hilton, but it took Senator Rand Paul and Tucker Carlson to make it “stick” and get people to take real notice, and since that time, Fauci has been placed on the back burner and suddenly, the COVID pandemic has essentially ended.

Just like that…


But now, many questions remain and people want answers.

Namely, they want to know what’s going on with the Wuhan lab, which our own intelligence community has said is the likely starting point of the virus.

How did it get from point A to point B?

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That’s what everyone wants to know – and that’s what Steve Bannon is now talking about, and he explains exactly why the Dems are doing everything in their power to protect Wuhan…

Steve says if the actual truth gets out people will go to jail.


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Will we ever know what really happened?

It’s doubtful.


And the reason I say that is because we just went through a Russian/spy hoax situation that made Watergate look like child’s play and nobody has been held accountable.

The swamp is deep and the Deep State is swampy, and everyone covers their bases with 187 layers of muck.

But you never know what can happen…even the best-laid plans can come up with a snag or two.

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