Newsmax Reporter: “Colonial Pipeline “Hacker” Story Doesn’t Add Up”

Newsmax Reporter: “Colonial Pipeline “Hacker” Story Doesn’t Add Up”

When this “Russsian Hacker” pipeline story first broke, I did a piece on how MANY people online didn’t buy it.


They felt like there was a deeper plot afoot.

And now, more folks are saying this – even reporters over at Newsmax.

The reason being is because since this so-called “hack” happened, Biden has now caved to Russia in a big way – as a matter of fact, it’s so big, that if Trump ever pulled off a move like this, he’d likely be impeached.

But suddenly, the party of “Russia boogiemen” no longer cares about “Russia boogiemen.”

As a matter of fact, they’re all about helping them now.

Politico reported that the Biden administration plans to waive sanctions against an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin who heads the company that is building the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, two people with knowledge of the move said Tuesday.

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The move to invoke a national security waiver for penalties targeting the company Nord Stream 2 AG and its head Matthias Warnig will be included in a report on Russian sanctions the State Department plans to deliver to Congress on Wednesday, according to the two people.

The news drew gasps from many Americans because it was literally a move straight out of a “Putin Puppet” conspiracy theory turned real-life.

Think about this – Biden killed the Keystone pipeline in America but is supporting Russia’s pipeline.

What does that tell you?

It says that the real “Russian asset” is Biden.

Especially after Russian hackers supposedly hacked the Colonial Pipeline?

This isn’t adding up one bit and that’s what Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson just said on Twitter.


Here’s what Emerald said:

“The Colonial Pipeline “hacker” story doesn’t add up.”

And there are a lot of people who agree with her. Check out these comments:

“Never has. Biden Admin orchestrated all of it.”

“it was an obvious setup from the getgo” 

“Nope. The whole story has been fabricated” 

“There’s always a “Cover Story”, and then “What actually happened”

“It was definitely an inside job. I say the rich billionaires that want public owner of all infrastructure probably had something to do with this.”

“and then an EV push a few days later. they think we are dumb. they do the same thing for gun control. it’s sickening.”

“Conveniently the UFO bs will divert all the small minds off the horrible job the Biden administration is doing.”

“There’s no way a hacker group would shut down a mainland US pipeline and only demand 5 mill from the wealthiest government on the planet”

“Ransom money funneled through Hunter back to the big guy.”

“I know your post is about the Colonial pipeline but I just wanted to say this: Liberals recklessly supporting the Nord Stream pipeline but recklessly canceling the Keystone pipeline is certainly in line with their ideology of doing the opposite of whatever Trump did.”

Trust in our government is at an all-time low.

Anything that happens, people immediately believe it’s a hoax or a plot.


And can you blame them?

Our government and media seem like two of the biggest evil, criminal enterprises on the planet, thanks to this “COVID pandemic” and the 2020 election. Now, many people don’t believe a word either of them says.

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