There’s an Army of Republican Attorney Generals Who Are Going After Biden

There’s an Army of Republican Attorney Generals Who Are Going After Biden

The Republicans are finally fighting back against the radical Dems.

And they’re doing it en masse, which is even better.


In this case, 22 Republican State Attorney Generals have come together to take on the Dems and their latest sinister scheme.

As you likely know by now the Dems are trying to do anything and everything to increase their majority in the House and Senate.

They’re pulling out all sorts of tricks – and one of those is to make the DC swamp a state.

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And you know why they’re doing this…They can’t win elections without cheating, so they need to rig the system another way.

And that’s where the 22 AG’s come in. They’re standing front and center and saying “no way.”

The. 22 AG’s argument that making DC a “state” is actually unconstitutional and can’t legally be done.

From Breitbart, twenty-two Republican Attorneys General wrote a letter to Congress and the Biden administration, contending Washington, D.C. cannot become a state through legislation but only through a Constitutional amendment.

“If this Congress passes and President Biden signs this Act into law, we will use every legal tool at our disposal to defend the United States Constitution and the rights of our states from this unlawful effort to provide statehood to the District of Columbia,” Fox News reported.

“Accordingly, not only does Congress lack the authority to create an entirely new state out of the District, but it also does not have the authority to reduce the size of the District to the equivalent of a few federal buildings and surrounding parks,” the letter concluded.

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The letter comes as Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) has introduced H.R. 51 to shrink the district while transitioning the vacated area into a state, dubbed the “State of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth.”

Republicans regard D.C. statehood as a naked power grab, and many legal scholars are confident the Supreme Court would strike down D.C. statehood as unconstitutional for the reasons these authorities have set forth over the years.


The piece goes on to say that when Justice Antonin Scalia was sitting on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, he also opposed turning DC into a state.

You have to wonder – if Dems have this amazing momentum and a “president” who won 82 million votes and is the most popular politician of our lifetime, why are they so desperate to take all this power – DC statehood, and packing the court?


We all know the answer to that question, don’t we? Dems don’t have a mandate and they don’t have a historically “popular” and beloved candidate.

What they have are millions upon millions of fake mail-in ballots, and that’s why they MUST grab power elsewhere, and the Republicans have to hold the line and make sure that this never happens.

This has to be the fight of our lives.

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