Ever Wonder How GOP Traitors Get Their Payout? This Trump Supporter Says He Figured it Out…

Ever Wonder How GOP Traitors Get Their Payout? This Trump Supporter Says He Figured it Out…

When President Trump was in office, he not only had to contend with the lying, scheming Democrats, but he also had to deal with the traitors on the GOP side.

And honestly, those people did way more damage than the Dems did.


When all was said and done, the Dems couldn’t have gotten away with everything that they did in 2020 if they didn’t have the help and support from the GOP.

And along the way, there were so many traitors. Some traitors we realized who they were right away – others, it wasn’t known until the bitter and ugly end…but they’ve been all sorted out now – we know who they are – and they accomplished their mission of getting President Trump removed – and the final three, who delivered the “elections” blows were Pence who refused to stand up for Trump and his supporters, Barr who refused to investigate 2020, and Amy Coney to Barrett who refused to take the case.

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So, what did these three traitors get as a payout for their efforts?

Well, one Trump supporter thinks he’s figured it out.

Book deals.

Here’s what he said:

Mike Pence – a million-dollar book deal.

Amy Coney Barrett – a million-dollar book deal.

Bill Barr – million-dollar book deal.

Who’s next up on the payoff list?


It makes sense when you think about it.

How are all of these politicians and DC swampers making so much money? Well, one way is illegaly of course, but how do they show for it? With these million-dollar book deals.

It’s like one big money laundering scheme.


“You do this for us, and we’ll pay you with a huge book deal.” – and then the publishing house fronts them millions for a cruddy book that you never hear about again.

Things that make you go “hmmm” right?

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