Watch: This Chilling 19-Second Video From January 6th Says It All…

Watch: This Chilling 19-Second Video From January 6th Says It All…

January 6th was a lot of things – one thing it wasn’t was an “armed insurrection.”


There has been a lot of fake news surrounding the melee that took place at the Capitol building – like everything else in this country, that incident was completely twisted and politicized by Dems, media, and GOP establishment who were seeking to remove President Trump from the face of the map for good.

It didn’t work.

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The stories of cops being bashed in the head with fire extinguishers made the rounds on the mainstream media for quite a while. We were told that Trump supporters “killed” people at the Capitol “insurrection,” and were so dangerous and vicious, that our brave elected officials were reduced to quivering masses of goo, believing their lives were over.

In actuality, the only people who were armed were the Capitol Police. And while half of the police were battling with protesters, the other half were plating “tour guide” and allowing MAGA patriots inside to wander around like tourists.


The biggest and most gut-wrenching tragedy of that day was the murder of Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed by an unnamed federal police officer, who was never charged with her killing, even though the Medical Examiner listed her death as a “homicide.”

One 19-second video taken just before Ashli was shot and killed is a chilling reminder of what actually happened.

The person online who posted it, who goes by the name “Michael Moore” said this about the “phantom fed” who shot Ashli: “At this point he had already decided to shoot someone. He just hadn’t picked the person yet.”

You can watch the video below:

Here are some of the comments about this clip from folks online:

“How is there filmed footage as if they knew when and where to look”

“There was literally no reason for the gun to even be out much less finger on the trigger. No deadly threats have been presented nothing even warranting a use of force had presented yet. The people in question were surrounded by other cops who warranted no force necessary.”

“It slows down enough to see the slide rack back if a shot was fired. This may well be before the shot was fired, but his finger surely appears to squeeze the trigger far enough. It’s just weird. Not to mention the cops in tac gear in the line of fire, none of whom did a thing.”

“Seems to be aiming pretty low for where the victim was shot isn’t he? Also, has he been identified or questioned as to why he shot an unarmed person?”

“The cameraman, John Sullivan, knew it too.”

“What even are capitol police protocols? The reaction between all the officers tells a highly confusing story. Some ppl getting walked out and some dying it’s inconsistent. Also I see no taser.”

“There seemed to be a lot of posing for the camera scenes during this event. Almost like it was staged for other purposes. AmmI rite!!!!??????”

“The shooter doesn’t look too competent/proficient in the handling of a gun & his shirt appears to have a French cuff. I’m guessing the shooter is a House Representative. That would explain why the shooter hasn’t been identified & why DOJ isn’t pressing charges.”


That last comment is interesting. I went back and looked at the cuff on the man’s shirt, and it is a french cuff. I have looked online and I can’t see any “Capitol police uniform” with a cuff like that – except for high-ranking officials in their dressy gear:

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