[VIDEO] Body Language Expert Discovered “Hand Gesture” Biden Makes Right Before He Goes Off the Rails…

[VIDEO] Body Language Expert Discovered “Hand Gesture” Biden Makes Right Before He Goes Off the Rails…

I have always found body language experts to be fascinating.


The mouth and brain can lie, but those involuntary body movements will always give you away.

Gregory Hartley is a former Army interrogator and body language expert and he went back and evaluated parts of Biden’s disastrous fist press conference  – and Mr. Hartley has some really keen and interesting insight.

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He says that the key ways in which Biden’s handlers try and control him are by keeping him on “script.” But Biden is not capable of staying on the script, and that’s when things go off the rails.

Hartley says that you can spot the difference between Biden’s off-the-cuff remarks and his prepared remarks. Hartley says Biden makes a “clicking” sound with his mouth before he rattles off prepared marks.

He also says that you can tell when Biden is about to go off the rails, because he’ll usually put both hands up in the air, and then one of his hands will drift off to the side, signaling that he’s losing control.

So interesting…

In addition, Hartley says that Biden’s eyelids will begin to “flutter” just as he’s beginning to lose control and go off-script.

Amazing analysis.


You can watch the video below:

I think this analysis is fascinating.

Biden is definitely a puppet with a script.

The issue for the puppet and the puppeteer, however, is that Biden is so far gone, he can’t mentally stay on the script.


The script is too complicated for Joe.

Ironically, the script is what is screwing Biden up most of all – this is why when you see Biden just talking to reporters, with no script and the questions are easy, he can do fairly well…But he starts getting overwhelmed and confused when he’s forced to say other people’s more complicated words.

This man is in over his head, in so many ways…and the people handling him, simply don’t care.

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