[VIDEO] Americans Appalled at Biden’s Outrageous Reaction to Today’s Horrific Jobs Report

[VIDEO] Americans Appalled at Biden’s Outrageous Reaction to Today’s Horrific Jobs Report

Joe Biden is taking a cue from his ditzy sidekick Kamala, and inappropriately laughing at everything.


Hey, when you don’t know what the hell you’re doing and everything is burning around you, just have a good chuckle, and everything will be okay, right?

That seems to be the motto of the Biden so-called “presidency.”

And that’s precisely what he did today when discussing the horrific April jobs report. Biden chuckled at the low numbers, and wondered “Gee, are we supposed to be upset by that?”

Well, considering experts predicted around a million jobs and you only got 200K, yeah, I’d say it’s something to be upset about, sir.

As a matter of fact, it was the worst jobs report. in 23-years.


The numbers are so bad, that folks over at MSNBC thought it was a typo.

But Biden says those horrifically low numbers are just more proof of how “great” we’re doing…


Here’s a portion of Biden’s remarks on the terrible job numbers, where he actually chuckles.

You can watch the video below:

Here are some of the comments from outraged Americans:

“Forecasted 1,000,000. Actual 266,000. I would say that pretty disappointing. If this were a business….the CEO would have to explain. In this instance….our FAKE President just laughs. It’s pathetic!”

“The entire world laughs at Joe Biden”

“They didn’t create sh*t. These are people returning to their jobs pre Covid.”

“how this man is not in prison along with all of his heretic buddies is astounding”

“He has one job, that is read the words off of the big screen and he consistently f**ks that up.”

“The entire Joe Biden Presidency is a joke”

“Joe, it’s exactly what we expected from you. No chance he got 80 million votes!”

“He’s laughing because it’s the first time he’s hearing this. The man doesn’t control or do anything out of his own volition.”

“Xiden is disappointed it was that high. He wants everyone unemployed.”

Meanwhile, the leader just talks away Stuttering and mumbling for nightly news to replay The rest of the world watching, at the end of the day Both scared and angry, like, “What did he say?””

“Hasn’t been adjusted again yet”? Ahhhhhhh, that’s how you won the election! LMAO!”

“Every now and then he thinks “I still can’t believe we got away with this” and has a nice chuckle.”

“Real funny when your not the one who is going to lose your house.”

“He learned that from his partner in crime kami everything is funny”


This is probably the best comment out there on the godawful jobs report:

I’m sure Biden’s handlers are scrambling to find a way to make sure “actual” numbers like this never see the light of day again.

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