[VIDEO] Joe Biden Was Just Busted Telling Another Lie…And There’s a 2004 Video Clip to Prove it…

[VIDEO] Joe Biden Was Just Busted Telling Another Lie…And There’s a 2004 Video Clip to Prove it…

I’d call Joe Biden a straight-up “liar,” but I honestly think this guy’s brain is so far gone that he doesn’t even realize he’s lying at this point.


I honestly think Dementia Joe is just completely lost and unaware and just reads the words written for him without even really knowing what the hell he’s saying.

Now, that’s not making excuses for this buffoon, but I really think that’s how far off the rails he is at this point.

This latest lie that he told involves this goofy claim of his that his family worked in the coal mines.

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I can tell you right off the bat that this untrue…but don’t listen to me, listen to Joe – back when he still had most of his brain sorta working…

Here are two videos.

One where Biden clearly admitting back in 2004 on The Daily Show that nobody in his family worked in a coal mine.


And the other video just below that is of Joe in 2021 (just recently, actually) repeating this false “coal mine” story and nobody calls him on it.

So much for all those “fact-checkers” right?

This is just another Biden lie that is knowingly allowed to slip through the cracks by our shameless fake propaganda media.

Watch the two videos below:

The reason why these lies are so important to call out is that radical/globalist Joe and his handlers use them to sell this fake “good ol’ middle-America guy” BS to the American public.

Biden has done that his entire political life and it’s all been a lie.


Joe is not “moderate” and he’s not “middle-class” – he’s a seedy and dangerous globalist elite who has a well-documented history of crushing the middle-class into dust.


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