Someone Call 911, Because Don Jr. Just Killed The Rest of Liz Cheney’s Career With One Hilarious Tweet

Someone Call 911, Because Don Jr. Just Killed The Rest of Liz Cheney’s Career With One Hilarious Tweet

Liz Cheney has literally lost her marbles – and her sidekick Adam Kinzinger isn’t far behind.


Forget “Stage 5” Trump Derangement Syndrome, Liz, and her one friend have Stage 500 TDS, and it just keeps getting worse and Liz is making an absolute spectacle of herself. All she can think and talk about is President Trump. She’s already lost half of her career because of it – you’d think she’d stop there and go lick her wounds, right?


Liz is still out there, frothing at the mouth like a bespectacled rabid wolverine – she was on *at least* two Sunday talk shows today bellyaching about Trump.

How is “Liz Cheney” even news? A recent poll shows 80% of Republicans wanted her removed. I am not sure why the cable news people are running this Cheney story 24/7 except to say that they’re so excited to finally have some “Trump news” again.

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But I guess this is Liz’s new gig – she’s the next member of the pedophile “Lincoln Project” group.

Cheney is now “vowing” to make sure that Donald Trump never gets anywhere near the Oval Office ever again.

Wow, those are some pretty powerful words from a woman who is so unpopular that she just lost her position within the GOP and will likely lose her primary race back in Wyoming.

What does she plan to do, exactly, to make this promise happen?

Well, that’s precisely what Don Jr. would like to know…and he’s hypothesized what Liz might do to “stop” Trump from ever winning again in a hilarious and viral tweet.

Check it out:

Here’s what Jr. said: “LOL, What’s Liz Cheney going to do? Take 75,000,000 people quail hunting?”

When I saw that today, I literally LOL’d in real life.

That’s a great jab at Liz’s father, Dick Cheney, who you might remember “accidentally” shot and injured his friend while a quail hunting trip.

Ha ha ha ha.

Very funny, and very true.


It’s sad that Liz Cheney, like so many other liberals, allowed TDS to ruin her career. Let’s hope that once she’s permanently retired from Congress that she can get into some type of therapy and get on with her wretched life.

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