Liberal Media is Done Using Liz Cheney, So Now They’re Eating Her Alive, Again…

Liberal Media is Done Using Liz Cheney, So Now They’re Eating Her Alive, Again…

Well, it looks like the honeymoon is over for Liz Cheney and the liberal media.


Just a couple of weeks ago Liz was the belle of the ball, and Dems and their flunkies in the media were hailing her a hero – she was the “second coming,” and the next great political martyr.

I don’t know why these idiot GOP politicians always fall for this trick.

That dopey Trump-hater Adam Kinzinger is another one that is used like a rusty old tool by the left.

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And it’s all about bashing Trump – the media is still so obsessed with Trump…and the moment that Liz stopped doing that, they turned on her.

Good. You love to see it!


They’re now mad that Liz won’t connect the GOP’s push for election integrity with Trump’s TRUE claims of election fraud.

Red State reported that this is the problem with seeking backslaps from Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper, The Washington Post, and the rest of the mainstream media. As a Republican, you are always just a tool for them to advance their left-wing narrative. To the extent that you may play into that, they will laud you. The moment you step out of line on any policy issue, though, the knives will come out. These people were never going to love you.

Cheney, despite being virulently anti-Trump and having terrible foreign policy views, is not a liberal. I know it’s easy to think in those kinds of absolutes, but Cheney’s big problem wasn’t her voting record. It was her inability to put her personal wants and ambitions aside to lead the party she was ostensibly serving. Because of that, it was always a forgone conclusion that she would say something that would rile the left-wing media to the point where they would throw her overboard.

Even the Post’s framing is nonsense. None of the new laws, including in Georgia, “restrict” voting. They simply put in place safeguards and mandate procedures (such as how many drop boxes they’ll be, deadlines for returns, etc.) that had been more or less developed on the fly during the pandemic last year. Cheney recognizes that and isn’t willing to burn what little credibility she has left by going full Adam Kinzinger.


No matter what she says or does now, Liz Cheney’s political career is over.

She allowed her TDS to completely destroy everything – what an unstable woman she is.

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