[VIDEO] What Marco Rubio Just Did May Have Saved His Entire Political Career

[VIDEO] What Marco Rubio Just Did May Have Saved His Entire Political Career

Well, Marco Rubio may have just saved his entire political career with his latest move.


As you know, Marco has never been a huge “America First” warrior.

Marco has never really liked President Trump. And for a while there, he was throwing Trump under the bus every chance he got.

But, that was not playing well for his political future, so Marco started changing his tune a bit.

Lately, he’s been a “reluctant” supporter – he’s been going along to get along, and trying not to make waves.

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That’s great, but that kind of milquetoast crap isn’t going to cut it.

We’re in an all-out war for our country, and causal observers won’t cut the mustard.

But what Marco just said about this January 6th (sham) commission, is the type of stand that I didn’t expect him to take.

As you likely know the Dems want to start a commission to investigate the January 6th event – it’s just a political move, and we all know it.

Left-wing BLM and ANTIFA are burning the country to the ground and Dems are over there yawning about it – it doesn’t politically suit them, so they don’t care.

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But they’re all fired up over MAGA grandmas wandering around the Capitol.

It’s just another tool to try and keep President Trump down – after all, they used that event to boot him off of every social media site from here to Timbuktu.

The House passed the resolution – with 35 traitor Republicans voting with Dems – and now it’s heading to the Senate.

But Marco Rubio – the guy who’s never one to take controversial stands – just took one. A big one.


He said he’s a “NO” on the vote, and he explains exactly why:


We MUST pay close attention to every single Republican who votes for this sham.

There are 35 traitors in the House who voted with Dems, and we need to get rid of every last one of them…and any GOP Senators who join them need to suffer the same fate.

These traitors and frauds are working against us, and they need to go.


We will never win if we’re dragging these anchors around.

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