[VIDEO] Martha McCallum Loses her Cool With Teacher Union Boss Whose Slamming Trump

[VIDEO] Martha McCallum Loses her Cool With Teacher Union Boss Whose Slamming Trump

It’s not too often you’ll see robotic Martha McCallum lose her cool, defend Trump, get snarky and make a lot of “annoyed” faces as she does here.


Clearly, Martha has had it with the buffet of excuses coming from the American Federation of Teachers Union, because Martha was not allowing union president Randi Weingarten to get away with peddling jer her falsehoods about kids/covid and getting them back into the classroom.

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And Weingarten was going full-steam ahead and using President Trump as an excuse as to why kids aren’t back in school. This, as Martha points out, is a silly excuse, since Trump was always pushing for kids to get back in the classroom.

Martha also points out that kids in Europe and even China have been back to school for ages, while our kids are still out, and with no science to back up this madness and child abuse.

You can watch the video below:

Let’s call this what it really is…This isn’t about keeping kids safe, folks.

This is about a large swath of very liberal, female “Karen” teachers who have watched far too much CNNN and MSSNBC and drank way too much wine, and believe that if they breathe “regular” unmasked air, that’ll die.


That’s the real reason why the schools are still closed.

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