[VIDEO] Nike, Coke, and American Airlines Just Got Some Very Public and Well-Deserved Karma

[VIDEO] Nike, Coke, and American Airlines Just Got Some Very Public and Well-Deserved Karma

Finally, someone is pushing back against the insufferable “woke” companies that are seeming to pop up everywhere in this country.

This revolutionary group, “Consumer’s Research,” just released a group of brilliant ads which take direct aim at highly-politicized companies like Coke, Nike, and American Airlines.


“Consumers Research” has done an ad for each specific company and in each one they highlight the corrupt reason why these companies are choosing to distract with politics instead of focusing on their consumer.

Check out this first one on Nike:

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Then they delved into American Airlines, who recently jumped into the political arena by railing against voter ID laws, even though they require IDs for people to board their flights.

Hypocrisy at its finest.



And finally, they targeting the SJW “Mac Daddy” themselves: Coca-Cola.

As we all know, Coke has really been upping the ante with their woke beliefs, namely when they suggested white people try to be less “white” and then they followed American Airlines’ example and started attacking Georgia for their recent voter ID laws.


All these companies seriously need to take a good hard look in the mirror because they are absolute scum and they’re peddling a subpar product to an unsuspecting public.

Thank you to the folks at “Consumer Research” for calling out these corrupt companies.

We’re definitely looking forward to who they expose next!

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