SNL Just Tried to Pull a Stupid Stunt And Got Blasted With Karma

SNL Just Tried to Pull a Stupid Stunt And Got Blasted With Karma

Late-night comedy has gone from humorous to downright depressing.


Instead of cracking jokes, it seems that everyone is determined to get on top of their political soapbox and spew out far-left talking points to the public.

It’s become absolutely nauseating and the ratings really speak for themselves as far as how the American people feel about the new “woke” late-night.

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The latest casualty is SNL, whose ratings just hit an absolute record low right after rapper Lil Nas X performed a “satanic” concert on the latest show.

Good, wholesome fun…good Lord.

It’s about time SNL get yanked off the air – it got far too political and it’s not funny, at all.

Liberals just can’t be funny, because everything comes from a dark and nasty place.

From The Daily Wire

Trade publication Deadline reports that Nas’ SNL outing failed to attract many viewers, with the episode drawing a 3.5 household Live+Same Day and 1.5 in the key adults 18-49 demographic. Those numbers tied it with the previous week’s episode, hosted by comedian Keegan Michael Key, for the lowest ratings of the season.

That’s a marked drop-off from two weeks earlier when the show scored one of its highest-rated nights with host Elon Musk and musical guest Miley Cyrus.

Low interest didn’t stop Nas’ musical performance from making headlines, however. While surrounded by gyrating shirtless, leather-clad male dancers licking various body parts, the star experienced a wardrobe malfunction. As Nas dropped into splits sliding down a stripper pole, the crotch of his pants ripped — an event that dominated entertainment news on Sunday.

USA Today reported on the moment with the headline, “Lil Nas X rips his pants onstage at ‘SNL,’ but it was still ‘my favorite night of my career’,” referring to the singer’s tweets following the performance. Vulture blared, “Lil Nas X Served Sex and Comedy When He Ripped His Pants on SNL.” And Vanity Fairreported that when the rapper went to “make love to a stripper pole” the “crotch of his pants surrendered.” Complimenting his dance routine as “memorable,” the outlet also said Nas “deserved to be remembered for the shine of his lipstick and the work he’s clearly put in at the gym.”


This should really be a wake-up call to the entertainment industry to cut the political preaching and edgy anti-Christian garbage and just focus on actually keeping people entertained.

But we have a feeling like they still won’t be changing their ways any time soon…but it may not matter, because we these type of ratings they might not be around much longer.

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