Meet The New “George Soros” – a Secret “Superpower” For Leftwing Networks…You Won’t Believe Who She Actually is…

Meet The New “George Soros” – a Secret “Superpower” For Leftwing Networks…You Won’t Believe Who She Actually is…

For those of us counting the days until George Soros is no longer funneling his cash into every communist left-wing group and candidate in the country, don’t waste your time, because there’s already another “George Soros” in the wings — and this person has been a busy a bee funding all sorts of lefty groups, and activism.


Breitbart reported that the new Soros is none other than Laurene Powell Jobs, whom Vox describes as “one of the world’s most important philanthropists.

She is the widow of Apple founder and billionaire computer guru Steve Jobs.

She has become a secret superpower behind a vast network of left-wing media outlets, organizations, and politicians. Forbes lists Jobs as one of the ten richest women on earth, with a net worth of around $16 billion, mostly from her family stakes in two of the world’s biggest companies: Apple and Disney.


The good news is, we now know what she’s really up to and how powerful she is.

The bad news is – she’s extremely powerful and very sneaky.

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The journalist who wrote the piece goes on to say that he investigated Jobs’ growing political influence in his new book, “Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruptions”

Here’s an excerpt:

If there’s a well-known persona comparable to Laurene Powell Jobs, it’s Hungarian billionaire George Soros. Soros is branded a “philanthropist,” but he also functions as a one-man piggy bank for the globalist far-left. Much like Soros’ Open Society Foundations, the main vehicle for Jobs’ influence is Emerson Collective (EC), the philanthropic outfit she founded and leads. The Emerson Collective, according to Forbes, is “a hybrid philanthropic and investing limited liability company.” That’s a pretty murky description, which appears to allow them to engage in business and charity without ever being terribly explicit about which is which. I’m not sure which of the two categories it falls under, but EC also happens to own the Atlantic.


Inside Philanthropy named Jobs 2019’s “Least Transparent Mega-giver.”

So, Laurene is hiding most of what she does – that likely means she’s doing a lot of shady stuff.

And keep in mind, the big “gem” in her media empire is the Atlantic…and they’re responsible for publishing one of the biggest fake news stories of the entire election cycle…it was the “Suckers and Losers” story that alleged (through all anonymous sources) that President Trump, while in France to commemorate American Marines who died in World War II, denigrated American soldiers who died in combat.

Total hogwash.


The timing of the piece was so incredibly suspicious that the Atlantic was accused of “coordinating” with the Biden campaign for a hit.

Well, now that we know who’s really behind the Atlantic, I guess that makes perfect sense, right?

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this one, folks…I have a feeling she’s been behind a lot and will be behind much more as we keep going forward.

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