[VIDEO] Trish Regan Exposed Dems “COVID Plot” So Perfectly That Fox Fired Her…And She Nailed it Again

[VIDEO] Trish Regan Exposed Dems “COVID Plot” So Perfectly That Fox Fired Her…And She Nailed it Again

Remember the amazing Trish Regan? She was another victim of the Fox News globalist “reset” and was fired after she called out Dems and stuck up for President Trump.


Well, she’s back, and she sat down and chatted with conservative pundit Buck Sexton, to discuss the Biden admin and their “real motives” behind the pork-filled COVID bill.

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As always, Dems have a “real reason” behind the phony one they tell the public…always, always, always…

And Trish Regan has their number.

She perfectly explained to Buck how the left is using COVID as a massive “wealth transfer.”


From Buck Sexton

“Democrats are politicizing coronavirus in an attempt to have a massive wealth transfer,” said Trish Regan the host of “Trish Intel Show” on “Hold the Line” with Buck Sexton.

The $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill, known as American Rescue Plan, passed Wednesday by the House of Representatives and signed into law by President Biden on Friday.

“I said a year ago they had politicized coronavirus in an attempt to take down the [Trump] administration,” continued Regan. “Well, now they’re politicizing coronavirus in an attempt to have a massive wealth transfer. And again, it’s just a down payment. This is the way of the future. They want big government. They want lots of spending, and they want to be able to bail out all these blue states that made bad decisions.”

“This is money we do not have. This is money we should not be spending right now. I mean, look, if you said to me, OK, 10 months ago we needed this because they had to shut down the entire economy and kind of get it. But right now, you know what [Biden] said, we’re at war with the virus. Sure, we’ve been at war. And guess what? We’re winning the war and we’re now near the end of the war.”

You can watch the video below:

There is nothing communists love more than transferring wealth.

And when you step back and look at everything that happened over this past year or so, it’s amazing how this virus has worked out in the left’s favor.

The virus crashed Trump’s seemingly unstoppable economy, allowed the Dems to put mail-in ballots into place, and now this wealth transfer.


What a wild coincidence, right? It’s just a strange happenstance that all of these critical things the Dems needed, just so happened to come to fruition thanks to a virus that randomly occurred exactly at the right time.

I’m sorry, but coincidences like this just don’t organically exist. They have to be plotted and carried out.

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