[VIDEO] Trump Voter Shows Up at Gas Station and Demands to Know Where all The “Biden Supporters” Are…

[VIDEO] Trump Voter Shows Up at Gas Station and Demands to Know Where all The “Biden Supporters” Are…

This is a question that a lot of us have…where are all these supposed Biden voters?


You never see these people, but we’re told there are 82+ million of them and Biden is the most beloved and historically popular president in the history of our nation.

Yet, even so, these bazillions of Biden supporters are nowhere to be found – they don’t watch Biden’s stuff online, or on TV. They don’t show up to wave to him on the side of the road, and his “car rallies” look like a Walmart parking lot on a slow day.

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So, where are they?

Where are all the Biden supporters?

Well, that’s what one very passionate Trump supporter wants to know – and that’s exactly what he asked when he showed up at a gas station – he demanded to know where the “Biden supporters” are in one of the best (profanity-laced) rants you’ll ever see.

Take a look.


Warning: language

We need more of this.

This man is doing more to call out the “Big Lie” than all of the GOP and Fox News combined.

It’s normal patriots like this who know what’s going on and aren’t afraid to speak their minds.


That’s how we win – don’t depend on Fox News and the GOP to save us – we need to save ourselves.

God Bless this guy!

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