[VIDEO] Joe Biden Just Made His Biggest COVID Blunder Yet, and it Happened on Live TV

[VIDEO] Joe Biden Just Made His Biggest COVID Blunder Yet, and it Happened on Live TV

These Biden slip-ups are so common that they’re not even a surprise at this point.

Every day Americans are ready to hear the latest blunder from Biden and honestly, each one seems even worst than the last.


But his latest one is truly one for the books as he claimed that COVID-19 deaths are up, when in reality that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Watch the video:

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Biden should certainly know that COVID-19 deaths are way down, which many believe that talk of the virus is starting to go down due to Biden’s lackluster jobs report. They’re trying to get away from COVID right now because it’s dragging the economy down – well, actually Joe’s crappy decisions are what’s dragging the economy down, but they’ll never admit that.

From Politico

On the heels of April’s sluggish job growth, which shocked economic forecasters and sparked debate over a nationwide worker shortage, the May data will be closely watched for any indication of whether something significant is holding back the labor-market recovery — such as what Republicans say are overly generous federal unemployment benefits — or whether the previous data was nothing more than a one-month blip.

Democrats have downplayed the concerns, maintaining that the path back to full employment was always going to be winding and stacked with challenges. And economists are predicting the report will show 630,000 jobs were created in May, a robust number. But while Biden has been polling strongly on his handling of the economy, a second straight month of slower-than-expected job creation could embolden critics of his multitrillion-dollar infrastructure spending plans and raise fears that the labor market is facing a long road back to normal.


He is an absolute embarrassment.

How can anyone still stand by and support this incompetency?

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