[VIDEO] Something Strange Happened During Initial “Greeting” Between Joe and Boris

[VIDEO] Something Strange Happened During Initial “Greeting” Between Joe and Boris

I have to tell you, Jill and Joe Biden could be the most awkward and cringe people on earth.


I don’t know if it’s the fact that Jill appears to be more a “nursemaid” to Joe than an actual wife, or what, but their dynamic in public is just ghastly to watch.

Both of them are overseas at the moment in jolly old England, and thus far, it’s been an embarrassing gong show.

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Joe can’t take questions on the fly from the foreign press, he doesn’t know what the hell is going on, and as per his usual, he’s wandering around looking lost, while Jill comes off as this neurotic “nurse” hovering around in the background just waiting for Joe to fall – literally and figuratively.

We should have known this would be a disaster trip right from the get-go because the first initial greeting between Jill and Joe and the Johnsons looked like four village idiots struggling to say “hello.”

The foursome was hell-bent on pushing more COVID “fear porn,” so they wanted to do an “elbow bump” instead of shaking hands – mind you, these are all supposedly fully vaccinated people, and Boris has actually had COVID. More “pandemic show” for the public. Gotta keep that fear train rolling.

I guess someone forgot to prep Jill and Joe on how an actual “elbow bump” works because they appeared utterly clueless as Boris and his wife went in for the “COVID-safe” greeting.

Joe manages to do a fist bump on the lady’s elbow. Come on, man…


This admin is such a clown show.

What is interesting, however, and what got people buzzing. is that Boris didn’t bother to “greet” Joe.

Did you notice that? Very odd.

Maybe Boris saw the mess Joe made of that “elbow bump” and decided to abort the mission?

Or does Boris know something about the supposedly “vaccinated” Biden that we don’t?


It’s very strange that the two men didn’t “greet” especially for a photo op like this.

It could be because the whole situation was so awkward and weird, or it could be something else.


Boris had a very bad case of COVID early on – is he leery of something now with the Biden visit?

I’m sure conspiracy theories will be flying.

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