What’s Going on With Justice Kavanaugh is Actually Quite Disturbing…

What’s Going on With Justice Kavanaugh is Actually Quite Disturbing…

Is there anyone more disappointing than Justice Brett Kavanagh?


This man has been almost a complete and total letdown.

And his latest ruling – where he and Roberts teamed up to push through the far left’s agenda, is just another spit in the face of those people who fought for Brett when he was on the chopping block.

Maybe we should have allowed the left to have at him because he’s not doing us any good thus far. He looks to be just another weak and useless so-called “conservative,” who isn’t actually in “conserving” anything, but liberal ideology.

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Red State did a great piece on this latest ruling, and Kavanaugh’s betrayal to the people who literally went to bat for him. Kavanaugh joined Chief Justice Roberts, whose treachery is hardly a surprise at this point, along with the three (far-left) liberals to greenlight the CDC’s so-called eviction moratorium. The rest of us mere normals call it property theft, blessed by the government with zero compensation or recourse.

So, in other words, people can continue to live “rent-free” while many landlords suffer.

The real kicker is that there are a lot of jobs out there right now, but many people are preferring to stay home and collect government paychecks.

What’s striking here is how arbitrary Kavanaugh’s decision is. He claims that the moratorium is all good unless it extends past July 31st. Then, he claims, the CDC would need Congressional authorization. But why? What is so special about the date? Why is constitutional for the government to force you to allow someone to steal your property for over a year, but only until July 31st?


Whether I or others understand every legal nook and cranny of this decision is irrelevant. You don’t need a law degree to understand that is unconstitutional and wrong for the government to tell you that you must allow someone to steal your property. The CDC never had any grounds to make such an order and they certainly don’t have grounds in June of 2021 to continue it. Yet, that’s what Kavanaugh found because, in my opinion, he’s obviously not operating based on the law, but as a matter of “compassion” and pragmatism. That’s not how any of this is supposed to work, and in no way is that justice.

In my opinion, we need to stop allowing The Federalist Society to choose our nominees.

Yes, they did good with Thomas and Alito, but lately, they’re missing the mark.

I don’t know if they’re just too old-fashioned and haven’t moved along with the times and the America-First shift within the Republican Party, but this clearly isn’t working at this stage of the game.


It’d be ideal if Clarance Thomas was the man picking our nominees.

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