“Globe Magazine” Cover Featuring “Clinton Murder Plot” Goes Viral Online

“Globe Magazine” Cover Featuring “Clinton Murder Plot” Goes Viral Online

The Clinton Crime Family is a thing of legends…stories told on dark and stormy nights, about how an evil old witch and her rapist husband kill anyone who crosses their path.


Are they true?

We’ll never know…but there certainly are enough “odd circumstances” that have popped up, that make people pause and wonder.

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That’s why when anyone who has crossed the Clintons suddenly dies of an apparent “suicide” or an “untimely death” everyone’s feelers instantly go up.

Seth Rich, Jeffrey Epstein, Vince Foster…

And that’s what happened recently when the reporter who broke the Clinton/Lynch tarmac story turned up dead from a “suicide.” The internet went wild with conspiracy theories about the Clinton Body Count.

But, it wasn’t just the internet – the Clinton Crime Family has gone mainstream and is now available and on display in local grocery stores across the country.


That’s what one Twitter user noticed when she was at the grocery store – the cover of the Globe “tabloid” had Bill and Hillary on the front with a big headline about their so-called “murderous plot” to kill the whistleblower reporter who broke the tarmac story and make it look like a suicide.

Pretty juicy stuff, right?

Needless to say, she snapped a picture of the cover and posted it on Twitter, and the tweet took off.

Here’s the tweet:

Here are some of the comments from people online:

“Maybe the Globe has been right this whole time and we were blinded.” 

“My grams always told me there was some truth in the rags!!”

“it’s sad that The Globe is about the same as WAPO these days” 

“I noticed the same cover yesterday at the store I shop at” 

“I heard tabloids veer on the side of truth because they avoid lawsuits.”

“There was always a touch of truth there…”

“They have a bigger body count then John Gotti”

“National Enquirer has picked up in truth telling stories also. Who would have thought the credibility increase over most of the blue chip papers! Everything changes with time!”

Obviously, I don’t know if this story is accurate or not, but it’s a sad day for journalism with Americans actually think The Globe might be more trustworthy than NYT or WAPO.


That’s the sad state of affairs this country is in right now, and it’s all thanks to the Dems.


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