[VIDEO] Fauci’s Growing Fear and Desperation Hits Bizarre Levels in Latest NBC Interview

[VIDEO] Fauci’s Growing Fear and Desperation Hits Bizarre Levels in Latest NBC Interview

Well, it looks like things are getting real for Fauci…

The pressure is starting to get to him as he appeared very aggressive and unhinged during this new interview with NBC.


Fauci lashed out at those who dare to deny his knowledge, claiming that by doing so they’re going against not only him but science.

What an absolute loon.

Now Fauci is “Science.” He’s the actual epitome and embodiment of science? Some overpaid, lazy government lackey?

This man is a certifiable quack.

Check it out:


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Fauci is losing it as the walls close in on him. I bet he’s not sleeping well at night, either.

This little worm has to see the writing on the wall and know that the end is very near for him because this behavior is just flat-out bizarre.

Of course, this still isn’t stopping him from getting on his soapbox and warning us peasants of the next impending doom.

Fauci is a one-trick pony…his goal in life is to keep everyone filled with fear and locked in their homes.

Recently he came out and stated that another strain of COVID-19 could possibly make it to the U.S.

What a ghoul this man is…

From Yahoo News

The Delta variant accounts for only about 6 percent of cases in the United States, according to genomic sequencing studies. But that could change rapidly, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top public health adviser to President Biden, warned during a Tuesday briefing of the White House pandemic response team.

“We cannot let that happen in the United States,” Fauci said, describing the scenario in the U.K. as a “powerful argument” for vaccination. Biden has set the goal of inoculating 70 percent of American adults by the July 4 weekend. Although the nation has now surpassed 300 million doses of coronavirus vaccine administered, the effort has recently slowed.

The emergence of the Delta variant presents a new challenge because, as University of Edinburgh immunologist Eleanor Riley told the Financial Times, vaccines provide “somewhat less protection against infection with the Delta variant.” Even fully vaccinated people appear to develop fewer neutralizing antibodies against the Delta strain than for other variants.

Fauci also said in Tuesday’s briefing that the new variant may be “associated with increased disease severity” compared with the coronavirus wild type.


Fauci isn’t happy unless he’s striking fear into millions of Americans.

I’m looking forward to the day Fauci tucks tail and disappears from our television screens – preferably in a jail cell.

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