This 30-Second Video From NYC Pride Parade Has People in an Uproar…

This 30-Second Video From NYC Pride Parade Has People in an Uproar…

Dems love to preach to you and me about the environment as if they are the “lord of the planet” or something.


And of course, while they’re screaming at us to buy electric cars, eat bugs, and live in pods, they’re doing whatever the heck they want to do.

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These hypocrites are traveling around on gas-guzzling private jets, they own 15-thousand-square-foot mansions and use and consume more resources than a small village.

But somehow the declining environment is our fault.


The fakeness and hypocrisy are stomach-turning.

And speaking of fakeness and hypocrisy have you seen this 30-second clip from NYC Pride Parade?

Here we have a gathering of “environmental-loving” liberals celebrating their “woke” and “conscientious” lifestyle, and the way they left Washington Square Park in New York City is jaw-dropping.

Fox News reported that crews were cleaning up a large mess of trash left at a New York City park following Sunday’s chaotic Pride event where at least eight people were arrested.

Video footage posted online shows Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village littered with trash, including inside a fountain. Many of the discarded items included plastic bottles and food containers. Crews appeared to be using leaf blowers in an effort to move the trash.

Plastic-consuming slobs.

You can watch the video below:

Here are some of the comments from people online:

“They should never be issued another permit or the organization has to pay up front for cleanup.”

“I thought these people loved the planet?”

“I bet everyone of them claims to be pro-environment. Green energy and all that stuff.”

“People preach green new deal. When it come to practice what they preach they forget and pollute. I just can imagine what their home look like. If they are capable to do this in public”

“Is this what the Green New Deal looks like?” 

“Wow. I’ll be honest, this is the last thing I expected from left leaning people. I’m stunned”

“Don’t really care what the event was about, let’s do a better job of taking care of our cities, states and the planet.”

“The green new deal is totally fabulous…”

“It is your rights to parade and enjoy life , but at least clean up your rubbish after it’s over ! And the jester says : Come on man .”

Do you treat the environment with this much disrespect? I know I don’t.


But I am the one people like this yell at because I like to eat meat, mow my lawn, and drive a gas-powered SUV.

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