[VIDEO] Look What Happened to Jim Acosta Today When He Followed Trump to The Border

[VIDEO] Look What Happened to Jim Acosta Today When He Followed Trump to The Border

President Trump made his way to the disastrous border today with Governor Gregg Abbott.


And no, President Trump didn’t go to the “safe part” right next to the airport, as Kamala did…President Trump was in the thick of things like any good leader should be.

Trump assessed the mess that Biden and Kamala have made, and asked one important question that nobody else in the media has ever asked: Does Biden actually want open borders, or is he just incompetent?

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Because it’s one or the other here – and both of those options are detrimental to America’s future as a sovereign nation.

Although, personally, I think the answer is both.

This is why President Trump also suggested that Biden take a “cognitive test,” and doubted that he’d pass.

Well, that’s pretty obvious – but any “test” Biden would take would be altered to appear that he’s the most mentally fit man in the universe.

That’s the “drill” with this sham administration.

But President Trump knocked it out of the park. It was a great trip, and Trump was the epitome of strength and leadership – something sorely lacking in this country since he was removed from office.

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But one of the best parts of the trip was when CNN’s biggest showboating clown, Jim Acosta, tried to shout a question about January 6th (of all things) at President Trump, and the entire crowd of people (mostly congressional members) drowned him completely out with a chorus of loud boos.

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Just like the old days, eh Jimmy?

This is probably the most attention Acosta has gotten since President Trump was in the White House.


CNN has lost over half its viewers since President Trump was removed – I guess that’s why CNN is sending flunkies to follow Tump around like a puppy.