[VIDEO] Biden’s Meeting With Putin Off to a Rocky Start…Joe Screwed Up Two-Seconds in…

[VIDEO] Biden’s Meeting With Putin Off to a Rocky Start…Joe Screwed Up Two-Seconds in…

Today is the big meeting between Joe Biden and President Putin.

And things are off to a rocky start and not looking all that “confident” for Joe.

Biden must be feeling insecure because he’s got his new security blankie with him – flashcards.


We saw them first appear at one of his disastrous pressers in England, and they’re back again in Switzerland for his meeting with Putin.

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And he was holding onto those things for dear life:

When Trump met with Putin, the only person with “flashcards” Was Vladimir, as former top spy-guy Richard Grenell points out.

Biden definitely used the cards. Here he is sneaking a peek.


He’s probably wondering who’s the person sitting next to him.

Jill, is that you????


But things got worse for Bumbling Joe…

Just a couple of seconds into things, Joe had already screwed up.

When Biden was asked if he “trusts Putin” he nodded, yes.

Oh boy…

This sent the left into a tizzy – because as you know they’ve been taught that Putin is the boogie man, for the last 5 or so years.

That “nod” was a 5-alarm fire.

They sent out the spin-doctors to try and do damage control almost immediately.

They came up with some half-baked story that Biden was “nodding” at the entire press pool.


I guess how to handle that question wasn’t on the flashcards, eh?

White House officials said the meeting lasted 93 minutes.


Joe and President Putin will host separate press conferences because Biden is scared to death that Putin will call him out for how he’s treating Americans who were part of the January 6th melee like a communist dictator.

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