[VIDEO] Actor Jon Voight is Pissed-Off at Hunter Biden and He Lets it Rip Like Never Before

[VIDEO] Actor Jon Voight is Pissed-Off at Hunter Biden and He Lets it Rip Like Never Before

Hunter Biden gets away with anything and everything.


He can drive a rental car and leave his crack paraphernalia in it and nothing happens to him.

He can organize “pay to play” with the VP of the US, and nothing happens to him.

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Hunter can illegally purchase a firearm, and nothing happens to him.

It must be nice to be a privileged Biden, right?

They don’t play by our rules.

But it’s not just “law and order” that they catch a break on  – it’s social stuff too.

Hunter can call his white lawyer the N-word and nobody batts an eye. He can tell a “matchmaker” he doesn’t want any “yellow” Asian women, and nobody thinks twice about it.

But Don Jr and Eric Trump are awful racists because….uh….because – I dunno, for some unknown reason – and the media tears them and Trump to shreds.


It’s disgusting to watch…and one person who has had enough and is now ripping racist/spoiled Hunter a new one, is conservative actor Jon Voight.

Jon doesn’t hold back here. He not only calls out Hunter, but he calls out the shameful propaganda media as well.

You can watch the video below:

Amen, Jon.


It takes a lot of bravery for Hollywood celebs to stand up like this for what’s right and we greatly need it and appreciate it.

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